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Famous Quote "Do something you hate every day, just for the practice" - John C Maxwell

It has been said they are three sorts of people. One who make things happen, one who wait to see what happens, and one who ask what happened. I sincerely admire those who make things happen through sheer motivation, re-invention and confidence. I call them true survivors and personally know many of them. Each one of us have God given talents which many discover early in life, many later in life and sadly, others never realize their special talents. Self empowerment is paramount and self motivation is key to personal growth and creating ideas,self motivation and personal mind refreshing go hand in hand. My vast range of work and life experiences should be of interest to both young and the not so young and I am available to share my personal story. My belief is that none of us should place limits on ourselves but do what is reasonably possible to achieve our goals and wishes in life.

The most refreshing, and admirable individuals are those who absolutely refuse to limit themselves in life but to broaden their horizons. There is nothing wrong with a plan B, or even plan C should there be set backs along the way. We also should not let obstacles, or negative influences around us be path blocking factors but motivational to energize us. It has recently been reported that there is no longer guarantee of a "one career life" but several. And with that comes experience on all fronts with people from all walks of life. We should also remember that we are living in a continually shrinking global village. You are your own captain and crew and the journey will not be easy and turbulence should be expected along the way. But regardless of race, religion or gender, for the most part, we have more in commonalities than in differences.